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Place marketing.

Oxymoron. Or simply an impossible task?

Whatever you think, Juice understand place marketing inside out. And outside in.

We've enjoyed branding destinations for over 15 years. Cities. City regions. Counties. Islands. Regions. Consortia. And those marvellous places best described as marketing concepts!

For tourism. For investment. For regeneration. And only occasionally (sadly to our mind) all three together.

The key is to first capture a destination's unique 'sense of place.'

Beyond that, the most significant challenge is in harnessing the energies of the destination's stakeholders. One for all. And all for one. Probably the most visible sign of partnership success . . . or not.

We apply unique techniques to engage with these audiences from the outset. We nurture the common vision. And we never forget the significance of collaboration, cohesion and consistency.

So . . . how effectively can you sell your own destination?

You have 10 seconds, starting now . . .

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